DDI Teaching Staff

Sigalos-Turner Lab

John Turner returned to the Dartmouth Forensic Union as Director in the Fall of 2015. As a student debating at Dartmouth he reached the CEDA National Semifinals and received a First Round At-Large Bid to the National Debate Tournament. While coaching for Dartmouth as an assistant from 2003-2009, John helped teams reach the finals of the National Debate Tournament and three Cross-Examination Debate Association National tournament finals. During his tenure four teams received top-five First Round bids to the National Debate Tournament.  He has 14 years of experience as a debate camp lab leader, including 10 years as a lab leader at the Debate Institute at Dartmouth. John received an MA in Communication Studies from the University of Georgia. Previously, John worked as the Associate Director of Debate at Emory University’s Barkley Forum Center for Debate Education.

Jason Sigalos

Jason Sigalos is currently a debate coach at Emory University and Woodward Academy.  In high school he attended Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia, where he was a two time state champion and top speaker at the NDCA and TOC.  Additionally, he won the St. Marks High School tournament, the Pace Round Robin, and the NDCA National Championship.  In college while debating for Emory, Jason was a three time first round qualifier and octafinalist at the NDT, winner of the 2016 Herbert L. James debates at Dartmouth, and top speaker at the 2015 Harvard tournament.  In his junior and senior year, he and his partner were ranked as one of the top five teams in the country during the regular season.

Awsare-Shook Lab

Shree Awsare is the Director of Forensics at North Broward Preparatory School in FL, as well as an assistant coach at James Madison University in VA.  As a competitor, he debated at Monta Vista High School in CA and founded the Policy Debate Union at Columbia University in NYC, where he was the first from his school to qualify for the NDT and made outround appearances at Fullerton, Berkeley, and CEDA.  As a coach, he specializes in helping hard-working students who don’t compete for traditionally strong programs make the transition from good to great.  Shree’s students have received accolades at Wake, Lexington, Harvard, Blake, the Michigan Senior and Junior Round Robins, the NCFL, and a variety of other regional and national tournaments.

Lindsey Shook coached at the University of Kansas for 5 years, during which time the team earned 9 first round bids, won the NDT, and was in CEDA finals. She is now the assistant director of debate at James Madison University where she coaches a squad of about 30 debaters of all skill levels. Students from her labs over the years have won state championships, qualified for NFLs and the TOC, and gone on to successful college careers. Lindsey loves teaching at camp and really looks forward to helping students learn fundamental skills for success while helping them to develop the kinds of arguments they are interested in most.


Jyleesa Hampton
Kennedy pictureSean Kennedy is currently an assistant coach at New Trier High School and at the University of Kansas. As a debater for Shawnee Mission East High School, he received multiple speaker awards at national tournaments and qualified for both NFL nationals and the TOC. As a debater at the University of Kansas, he was top speaker and a two-time semifinalst at CEDA nationals. He received three first-round bids to the NDT, won the Shirley Classic at Wake Forest, was in at least quarterfinals of every major national tournament, and received a speaker award at every major national tournament.

Klarman-Malsin Lab

Brian Klarman is an Assistant Debate Coach at Dartmouth. Brian received a First-Round At-Large Bid to the 2016 National Debate Tournament and qualified to the NDT each of his three years debating at Emory. Debating at Pace Academy, Brian twice qualified to the Tournament of Champions.
Mikaela PictureMikaela Malsin graduated from Emory University in 2010, where she was an integral member of the NDT- and Copeland-winning debate squad. She completed her M.A. in Communication at Wake Forest, where she coached a team selected as first round qualifiers to the National Debate Tournament, as well as participants in many elimination rounds including the NDT. She also coached the 2010 and 2011 winners of the Tournament of Champions. She is currently a graduate assistant coach at the University of Georgia, where she specializes in coaching former students of the DDI to the octafinals of the Wake Forest tournament.

 Research Specialist

SarahSarah Spring is ​an assistant instructional professor at the University of Houston in the Honors College. ​Sarah took a brief hiatus from debate in the Fall of 2016 to work on the Hillary Clinton campaign in Ohio. ​As a coach at UH her teams have ​won the UT-Dallas and UNT tournaments ​and have gone as far as the quarterfinals of the National Debate Tournament. Previously, Sarah was the Director of Debate at Miami University, a graduate assistant coach at the University of Iowa (PhD) and an assistant coach at Wake Forest (MA). She has led labs at institutes at University of North Texas, Kansas, Michigan State, Iowa, Miami and with both the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance and Houston Urban Debate League institutes. As a debater at Miami University, Sarah was in the elimination rounds twice at the National Debate Tournament.





Administrative Staff

Kathryn Clark Kernoff is a former debate coach for Dartmouth College’s top ranked debate team.  In addition to recruiting talented high school debaters, Kathryn works with the Dartmouth Debate team on research and advanced argumentation skills. Previously a high school coach for Bronx Science (NY), Kathryn has coached debaters to high level success at both the high school and collegiate level. As a Valley High School (IA) debater, she twice qualified for the TOC and advanced to elimination rounds her senior year. She also was in late elimination rounds of several national tournaments, including the finals of Greenhill as well as the winning Blake and New Trier. Kathryn also won several speaker awards including 2nd place individual speaker at MBA and New Trier. As a Dartmouth debater, Kathryn received a first round at-large bid for the NDT three times and was twice ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the country. In addition to several very late elimination round appearances, Kathryn won the West Georgia tournament, won the Kentucky Round Robin twice, and also won the Dartmouth Round Robin. Kathryn cleared at the NDT three years in a row and is the only college debater to reach the final round of the CEDA national tournament for three consecutive years.

Residence Hall Staff

Leeann and Bill Solice come to DDI with over 40 years combined experience in education. Their philosophy of supervision in the dorms is focused on providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports the exciting and rigorous learning that happens during DDI. Bill and Leeann are Texas native but love to spend their summers in Hanover. Leeann has taught and coached debate for 25 years, has 9 years experience with dorm supervision and served as a Residence Director with the Dartmouth Debate Workshop for the last 5 summers. Bill teaches science, is completing a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and has experience as an emergency medical technician. Additionally, they bring 20 years of parenting experience with them to dorm life at DDI. Their daughter, Maggie, was a successful debater who attended DDI during her high school years and now coaches debate at Harvard.