2021 Debate Institutes at Dartmouth – Online Format

The Debate Institutes at Dartmouth will be held in an entirely online format for the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, Dartmouth cannot offer summer programs dorm space this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to house Dartmouth’s expanded summer term.

Though we will miss seeing students in Hanover, we look forward to meeting you online. Last year’s attendees positively reviewed the online DDI:

“Thank you for making my last debate camp…being online so enjoyable. I learned a lot and will forever be grateful to the DDI program. DDI gave me a huge passion for debate and I couldn’t have imagined attending another institute. DDI has inspired me throughout my career to produce the best arguments possible…I owe so much to this camp.”
-Ella Laurent – Cypress Bay High School

“DDI was by far my best camp experience, and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to attend, even if it was via Zoom…I’ve come out a much stronger strategist, team worker, and researcher. The series of lectures/aff discussions/speech redo feedback sessions would have been painstakingly long at any other camp, but the AT lab leaders made each the best 4-5 hours possible…The culture of our lab was always centered around cooperation and discussion, and all three lab leaders were always available after lab to discuss strategy thoughts, look over cards, etc. which made it feel more like a friendly coaching environment.”
-Emily Feng – Interlake High School

“I really felt like KM lab was family by the last week and I’m glad that we were able to form close bonds while also putting out high quality work.”
-Richard Liu – Little Rock Central High School

“I chose DDI because I wanted to have a rigorous research experience and learn about a wide array of arguments. My lab leaders were incredibly accessible and gave detailed feedback that was applicable to larger trends in my approach to debate.”
-Dana Agbede – Downtown Magnets High School

“I chose DDI for the staff, which was a decision I came to really be happy with. My hope going in was that all the staff would be accessible and I could pick their brains inside & outside of lab, which I definitely could and did.”
-Holland Bald – The Westminster Schools

Program dates:
-2 week (DDIx, Parliamentary, Public Forum, and Fundamentals): Monday, June 28th to Friday, July 9th
-4 week DDI: Sunday, July 11th to Saturday, August 7th
-6 week: Monday, June 28th to Saturday August 7th

Tuition for this year’s programs:
-2 week programs (DDIx, Parliamentary, Public Forum, and Fundamentals): $1,200
-DDI 4 weeks: $2,475
-6 week: $3,175

Our schedule permits attendance from all time zones in the U.S. The instructional window of required activities begins at 10am Eastern and ends by 6pm Eastern.

Our schedule will follow last year’s format, which may be found here:
4 week DDI Schedule

Students will require consistent access to an internet connection and computer that can support video-conferencing. A video-conferencing software subscription will not be required.

John Turner
Director – Debate Institutes at Dartmouth