About the Public Forum Workshop
“It genuinely improved me as a debater. I can see how all of the hard work and effort that I put in paid off in the end.”

-Heather Pincus, McLean High School, Virginia

“I loved being pushed and having the time to go very deep into each topic.”

Matthew Fastow, St. John’s School, Texas

Hear from more students and from coaches.

The Public Forum Workshop will focus on presentation, persuasion, and argumentation skills. Students will practice writing cases, attend classes to learn important skills, and have daily practice debates with likely Public Forum topics.

Dates and Cost
The Public Forum Workshop will run from June 28 to July 9, 2021.

Schedule: Our schedule permits attendance from all time zones in the U.S. The instructional window of required activities begins at 10am Eastern and ends by 6pm Eastern.

Tuition for the Public Forum Workshopis $1,200. An early application discount of $50 is available for students who apply by April 1; there is a late fee of $50 for applying after May 1. A discount of $50 is available for paying by check. Limited financial aid is also available.

We are currently accepting applications and have space available. Applicants by April 1 can qualify for the early application discount. There is no application fee. You should receive a response to your application within approximately two weeks.

Apply to the Public Forum Workshop