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“Love, love, love. I met some great people who I will never forget and learned a lot that I hope to apply in my debate career. Food was awesome, the dorm staff was incredibly nice, and my hallmates and I have some great stories to tell.”

-Anav Sharma, Saint Francis High School, California

From playing cards in Cohen-Bissell with lab assistants…to walking across Dartmouth’s campus to find a soccer field to play in, I think I experienced everything Dartmouth has to offer as a camper. I had a great time and met some great new friends…DDI has been a great experience 2 years running.”

-Zack Pestcoe, Cypress Bay High School, Florida


The DDI is a program for experienced policy debaters with at least a full year of high school policy debate experience. Now in its 34th year, the DDI has produced national champions at the high school and collegiate level. Most attendees are entering their junior or senior year; it may be appropriate for sophomores with a strong record. For more information about what makes the DDI unique compared to other institutes, you can visit Why Dartmouth?

The DDI will run from July 12th to August 8th, 2020. Students should arrive on July 12th and depart on August 8th.

The four week DDI costs $4850. An early application discount of $100 is available for students who apply by April 1; a late fee of $100 applies for applications after May 1. A discount of $100 is available for paying by check. Limited financial aid is also available.



“I absolutely loved my lab, it was incredibly helpful, helped my debate style, they are great teachers and work very well together. … I had a great time, learned a lot, and can’t explain how much I appreciate the experience. I met amazing people, learned from all of the staff, and can honestly say I grew as a debater. … The first week I learned and tested policy skills … DDIx was amazing, I learned a lot, got my toes into the topic.”

Quaram Robinson, Cedar Ridge High School, Texas

“My favorite thing about the camp was that I got the opportunity to debate a lot. The more I debate, the better debater I become. The daily practice rounds helped me a lot in speaking and making arguments.”

-Katherine Koh, Academy of the Holy Angels, New Jersey

“I liked that we examined each argument type and were taught to properly explain and answer each position.”

-Daniel Budai, Capitol Debate, Maryland


DDIx is two week policy debate program that provides intensive skills work. The DDIx curriculum focuses on debate practice rather than research. Students will have daily practice debates as well as a small tournament at the end of the program. The program is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Most students who attend the DDIx choose to also attend the DDI and the programs are intended to complement one another, but students also have the option of attending the DDIx alone.

DDIx will run from June 29 to July 10, 2020. Students should arrive on June 29 and either depart on July 10 or stay through the end of the DDI on August 8.

Tuition for the DDIx alone is $2300 with an early application discount of $50 for students who apply by April 1, a late fee of $50 for applying after May 1, and a discount of $50 for paying by check.

Combined tuition for the six weeks (DDI and DDIx) is $6250. An early application discount of $150 is available for students who apply by April 1; there is a late fee of $150 for applying after May 1. A discount of $150 is available for paying by check. Limited financial aid is also available.


Sample DDIx Schedule

2016 DDIx Schedule


2020 Staff

Lab placement is based primarily on coach request. Lab pairings are in progress and will be posted shortly.



We are currently accepting applications and have space available. Applicants by April 1 can qualify for the early application discount. There is no application fee. You should receive a response to your application within approximately two weeks.

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