GDDI Fellows

Georgetown University and the Debate Institutes at Dartmouth are excited to announce a new partnership and summer program for 2020!

The Georgetown-Dartmouth Debate Institute (GDDI) Fellows program will occur in two phases:

First, three weeks at Georgetown: a phase of intensive, personalized skills development. Students will use a high-quality starting evidence set designed to facilitate advanced speeches and debates on a near-daily basis, interspersed with lab instruction and exposure to guest experts from D.C.’s unbeatable field of public policy professionals. In addition to fostering extensive personal improvement, this phase will instill a deep, first-hand understanding of what constitutes good research and good strategy, why they matter, and how to do them effectively.

Second, four weeks at Dartmouth: this phase adopts a “team” model with a rigorous research curriculum. Each lab produces a distinct evidence set, and progressively strategizes and innovates against the other labs’ arguments, culminating in a full-length tournament at the end of the summer. Students will, with extensive guidance and feedback from lab leaders and dedicated research staff, produce all evidence used during this stage. This model will teach students not only how to debate and research at an advanced level, but how to establish, contribute to, and lead a sustainable and successful squad, regardless of size.

This program also offers the opportunity to experience two elite college campuses, and all the resources they have to offer. Students will love both the nation’s bustling capital and the beautiful scenery of New Hampshire in the summer, and the contrast between the two!
Dates and Pricing

The GDDI will run from June 21st-August 8th, 2020 (June 21st-July 11th at Georgetown, July 12th-August 8th at Dartmouth).

Price: as low as $7,000 with deposits paid by April 1st ($3500 payable to each institution); $7400 if deposit paid after April 1st ($3700 to each institution)

Cost includes transportation from Georgetown to Dartmouth in addition to tuition, room, board, and facilities. Need-based financial aid is available.

To apply now please visit the Georgetown Debate Seminar portal: